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5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Benefit from Remote Coding

Healthcare organizations require a high degree of accuracy in medical coding in order to keep their revenue cycle management systems running smoothly. From ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations, to making sure that reimbursements are paid on time and to the maximum, medical coding is the backbone of every healthcare organization’s financial health, whether it’s a small physician group or a large hospital.

Medical coding can be done in two ways: with medical coders who work within the hospital or with remote coders. You might think that healthcare organizations would prefer the former, as there is a greater degree of control when it is within a hospital setting. However, more and more hospitals and clinics are moving towards remote coding. What are the advantages of remote medical coding that makes it such a viable and attractive alternative to in-house medical coding?

Here are the top 5 ways healthcare organizations benefit from remote coding:

  • Free up space: Choosing the remote coding option can help free up valuable space within a hospital or clinic setting. Whether space is limited or sufficient, the space saved can be used for other infrastructure or service-oriented functions.
  • Reduce expenditure: Outsourcing your coding to a reputed vendor guarantees that you get professionals who are well trained and updated with the latest regulations. This means you can save on training costs. Also, offshore medical coding is considerably more cost effective than in-house coding staff with the same level of accuracy
  • Scalability: Remote coding ensures that healthcare organizations are able to balance out the medical coding according to the demand that could vary at different times. So you only have to pay for what you need.
  • Increased security: Offshore coding from a reputed vendor will always have increased security measures in place, at times even more than what would be in place within a hospital setting. Whether it is HIPAA compliance or a disaster recovery system, your medical documentation is in safe hands with remote coding.
  • Ensures compliance: With regulations in coding changing ever so often, keeping track and staying up-to-date takes up a lot of time when it comes to in-house medical coding professionals. But with remote coding, you don’t have to spend precious time on this and can continue to focus on other core operational areas and patient care while being rest assured that your coding is up-to-date and compliant.

One of the reasons Vee Technologies has remained a trusted partner in remote coding with major hospitals and physician groups in the US is its commitment to quality, security, and compliance. With a team of professional medical coders who are trained and certified with AHIMA or AAPC, Vee Technologies offers end-to-end remote coding solutions across a wide spectrum of departments for both hospital and physician: inpatient, emergency department, clinics, urgent care, and ambulatory surgery/Same Day Surgical (SDS).

With Vee Technologies, the benefits of remote coding extend to more than just the 5 ways that are listed here, such as:

  • Access to world-class talent and processes for today and the future
  • Improved financial outcomes
  • Standardized processes across your enterprise
  • Industry-leading service levels and quality
  • World-class infrastructure & business continuity – HIPAA proof, PHI safe, fully redundant
  • Dedicated staff
  • Institutional learning and knowledge retention – high employee retention

Vee Technologies is the right partner for all of your concerns related to offshoring your medical coding requirements.

Concern Vee Technologies Solution
Security & Compliance HIPAA Certified Compliant
SSAE-16 SOC2 Audited
ISO-27001 Certified
ISO9001 Certified
No remote coders
No subcontractors
Communication Issues US based operations support teams
Account managers have strong language skills
Robust Governance program
Regular On-site visits
Time Difference India based team available daily until at least 12 noon eastern.
US Operations support team is in eastern time zone.
Culture US designed and driven account management model.
Fortune 500 account experience.