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Electronic Media Monitoring

There are more than 15,000 television channels in the world today. You can be sure that there will be new channels added worldwide on a regular basis. For any organization or business, electronic media monitoring is of the utmost importance for their marketing, brand building, reputation management and customer engagement strategies. With news channels running round the clock and with the large number of regional television channels as well, electronic media monitoring requires the proper tools and resources to be successful. Vee Track has a team of experienced professionals with the knowledge and expertise to monitor hundreds of channels in many different languages at any given point

Our services include:

  • Retrieving and recording of relevant news clips
  • Translating and transcribing of relevant news clips
  • Monitoring reports offered in different formats at your convenience, on a daily basis, straight to your email address
Vee Track's electronic media monitoring helps businesses stay updated with the news that really matters in an easy and cost effective manner.