Invoice Processing & Aging Reports
To Supplement an Australian Law Firm

Case Study – Australian Law Firm


The solicitors at a prestigious law firm in Australia were faced with immense work pressure and tight deadlines, because of which they could not send invoices to their customers in time and collect the payment from them.

The firm tried various Outsourcing Providers for generation of invoices and AR Reports for sending the same to customers for collection. They tried different Outsourcing Providers for generating the invoices correctly and to help them in their receivables. Due to non-availability of proper accounting details of the pending amount, they could not collect the same.


We discussed the issues with the law firm and analyzed their requirements. We were able to arrive at a process and helped the firm by providing correct and proper invoices on time and the A/ R Aging Reports. We reconciled all the customers' accounts and provided the breakup details for collection. This helped the client to recover more than 90% of their dues.

The client had confirmed that the reconciliation statements were sent to customers and the firm was able to collect the maximum amount which increased their cash flow. The Client is very happy now and added more tasks to us including maintaining their full books of accounts.

The client has also confirmed that they will recommend us to other law firms.