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Freight Rate Reconciliation

Vee Technologies' rate reconciliation services provide comprehensive auditing services for air, ground, and freight, both international and domestic. Our rate reconciliation services extensively analyze more than 15 crucial points on invoices such as account numbers, duplicate invoices, duplicate charges, weight verifications, rate verifications, third-party usage, plus much more.

We provide a custom auditing analysis that meets all client specific requirements. For invoices that have already been paid, we review the invoices against the negotiated price, taking into account all of the relevant factors ranging from tariffs to discounts and accessorial charges, then verify and validate each and every bill for accuracy. In order to optimize hidden savings, we then audit the bills against competitive rates and go the extra mile to maximize revenue.

Vee Technologies ensures that our clients pay only for services used, nothing more, by precisely auditing all freight bills. Through the company's rate reconciliation services, clients have been able to reduce their freight expenses by more than 10-20% on a weekly basis.

We offer the perfect combination of experienced staff and state-of-the-art software that provides the most accurate, comprehensive and round-the-clock rate reconciliation services, no matter how complex or varied your pricing may be.