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Media Monitoring

The first step in understanding a company’s brand awareness is through media monitoring. Vee Technologies, like today's global media, never rests. All print, internet, electronic, and social media are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing a thorough review and analysis of relevant company mentions in the media. This level of detail ensures that brands understand customer behavior, providing value where many neglect to look.

Media monitoring services provide brands with important snippets of media content that can be of specific importance and may be subject to market change. Providing an extra layer of information in relation to your brand or the competition, this data can be instrumental to customer satisfaction, identifying market trends, alerting merger and acquisition activity, or simply letting you know when your competitor is launching a new product of service which might impact you.

In a time when data is the most valuable currency, let Vee Technologies deliver the information that will help guide your brand towards the future.

The rising popularity of electronic and online media sources has changed the way that print media operates, yet it also has provided new opportunities. In India alone, there are currently more than 1 lakh newspapers, periodicals and magazines.

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Online media monitoring is a major source of business intelligence. It can help organizations identify trends, monitor their online reputation, and respond in real time to opportunities as well as challenges.

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There are more than 15,000 television channels in the world today. You can be sure that there will be new channels added worldwide on a regular basis.

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In today's age of online consumerism, social media monitoring has become an extemely important tool that manages a brand's online reputation while also tracking trends and conducting market research.

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