Media Monitoring

Vee Technologies media monitoring never sleeps, just like media today. This translates into 24x7 media monitoring of all print, online, electronic, and social media. You will never miss a media mention of your brand ever again. This guarantees that you get detailed and specific customer behavior and analysis that gives you a clear-cut competitive edge.


Embrace Social Media Monitoring for Better Law & Enforcement

To head off unruly crowd sentiment over social media and to detect advance possible mass gatherings before it descends on the city soil, Mumbai Police have set up a social media monitoring facility [Indian Express report here]. First of its kind in India from a law enforcement unit, The Social Media Lab will monitor Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other prominent social media platforms to measure changes in mass moods and track matters concerning public law and order.
Case Studies
Monitoring and Measuring the ROI & team's effectiveness by using actionable insights
Client: A major automobile firm involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.
How to Navigate the Product Crisis Storm with Social Media Monitoring
Client: A Major Insurance Firm. A company that provides and sells insurance.