Enhancing the Delivery of Electricity Through Technology

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Energy Sector

India is presently one of the world's fastest-growing economies in terms of both GDP and power usage. The goal is to supply the energy demands of 1.3 billion people while maintaining rapid economic growth. The development of an effective, coordinated, cost-effective, and reliable electrical system is critical for the seamless flow of electricity from generating stations to load centers, as per the Electricity Act of 2003. The transmission system connects the production source on one side, to the distribution system on the other, which is linked to the load/end consumers. Distribution planning is the ongoing process of identifying transmission system expansion requirements, as well as their timing and necessity.

The scope of work includes:

  • Door to door manual meter reading
  • Billing and bill distribution to un-metered connections in rural areas
  • Billing and bill distribution of single-phase meters
  • Service through SBM/Mobile app
  • Maintenance of mapping and documentation of consumers
  • Billing data uploads


Mobile applications streamline business processes by creating cost-effective solutions while delivering excellent results. Mobile apps have drastically impacted the energy sector by connecting people with electrical companies, and assisting in the transfer of meter data through a smartphone.

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