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Inland Freight Bill Auditing

It's simple to keep track of the costs you can see, but what about the ones you can't? Freight invoice errors can deplete your company's profitability. Vee Technologies attempts to find problems in freight carrier billing systems and convert them into refunds for clients through our freight bill auditing services.

Our freight audits ensure that you only pay for the services you received and at the agreed-upon rates. To identify billing problems and file claims against recover overcharges, we compare freight invoices to contractual responsibilities.

According to studies, processing an invoice for payment internally costs organizations over $7.00. Vee Technologies' pricing structure can save your business up to 85% on invoice processing costs, resulting in a higher bottom line. When it comes to the logistics industry, many issues can be ascribed to a lack of metrics or a quantitative way to assess, track, and determine whether freight invoices are valid. Freight claim resolutions get lost in the shuffle of doing business, resulting in freight overspending due to a lack of supervision and visibility.

Freight audit and payment services can assist a company in avoiding overbilling, successfully negotiating future shipping prices, and, most significantly, selecting better transportation plans and carriers. Carriers are more likely to make mistakes in freight invoicing because of the logistics industry's complex rate/freight pricing structure. Carriers occasionally fail to meet service level agreements and fail to deliver items on the schedule.

Freight auditing is done by a third-party firms a thorough report of carrier bills. They look for invoicing problems, misclassified shipments, unapplied tariff weight breaks, and any other charges that can be recouped due to human error. Freight audit services can give real-time tracking that cuts expenses while also improving invoicing accuracy and compliance. With freight invoice auditing software, you can cut out the middleman and start managing and tracking your company's logistical networks.

Benefits of Freight Bill Audit and Payment

  • When it comes to paying carriers, accuracy has improved.
  • Reviewing carrier invoices has never been easier.
  • Spend less time and money on shipping.
  • Streamlines the freight invoice auditing process.
  • Comparison of freight rates is simple.
  • Allows for post-audit of freight bills
  • Billing mistakes are identified.

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