Minimizing Errors
To Maximize Revenue

Inland Freight Bill Auditing

It’s easy to control the costs that you can see, but what about the ones that you can't see? Errors on your freight invoices can drain profits from your company. Freight carrier billing systems are vulnerable to errors, Vee Technologies strives to find such errors and convert them into refunds for clients through our freight bill auditing services.

Our freight audits ensure sure that you only pay for the services you actually received and at the specific rates that you agreed to pay. We check freight invoices against contractual obligations to identify billing errors and file claims to recover overcharges.

Studies estimate that it costs companies in excess of $7.00 to process an invoice for payment internally. Vee Technologies' fee structure can save your company up to 85% on invoice processing costs, improving your bottom line.

Contact Vee Technologies today and see how our freight bill auditing services can reduce operating expenses and increase profitability.