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Vee Technologies’ experts in software development created VeeLearn, a learning management system (LMS) for companies of all kinds. The product is a SaaS-based learning platform with advanced features for content creation, delivery, assessments, training, scheduling, monitoring, and analytics. The LMS has various applications, including user onboarding, orientation programs, and reskilling. Our robust and customizable solution has features that cater to the diverse learning requirements of different organizations and their employees.

Product Features:

Custom Skill-Gap Courses and Assessments:

Our solution allows organizations to create custom courses tailored to address specific skill gaps within their workforce. Clients can design assessments to measure the effectiveness of their courses.

Integration with Various Content Providers and HRMS Systems:

VeeLearn can be integrated with various content providers, allowing organizations to access an even wider range of educational resources.

Seamless Content Access Across Multiple Devices:

Learners can access content seamlessly across multiple devices (desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, and mobile browsers), allowing for flexibility and ensuring that content is available on the go.

Supports All Major Content Types:

The platform supports a variety of content types, including SCORM, videos, audio, PDFs, links, presentations, and more.


Gamification can enhance user engagement and motivation by introducing competitive and rewarding aspects to the learning experience. VeeLearn incorporates gamification elements such as earning and redeeming points.

Custom Analytics:

Organizations may request custom analytics to test the effectiveness of their training programs. Our platform provides customizable analytics that allow organizations to track and analyze additional metrics.