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Vee Technologies designed, developed, and deployed ProTrack, an advanced productivity-tracking tool. Our client wanted a solution that would help it monitor and analyze its employees' time utilization and application usage. Our software developers met with the client to assess the requirements of the tool and swiftly delivered the product. As a result of our solution, the client saw a significant increase in productivity.

Product Features:

Real-Time Insights and Reports:

The software offers real-time dashboards, allowing organizations to monitor activities as they happen and make informed decisions promptly.

Time Spent by System User:

ProTrack records the time spent by users on their systems, providing insights into their work habits.

Browser History Tracking:

The ProTrack tool monitors and tracks internet usage, identifying abnormal website and social media activities that violate company policies.

Behavioral Alert:

This feature allows the creation and implementation of customizable rules to monitor employee behavior, including activities related to security, compliance, and productivity in browsers and applications.


To enhance security and encourage breaks, ProTrack automatically locks the system if it remains idle for a predefined period.


The tool is highly configurable, allowing the client to customize settings based on changing needs and policies.

IP Tracking:

ProTrack has the capability to track the IP addresses of the systems in use. This can be valuable for insight into security.


Productivity Report:

The productivity report provides detailed insights into overall productivity, giving organizations a high-level view of how time is being utilized across the workforce.

System Report:

The system report breaks down productivity and usage statistics on a per-system basis.

Application Usage Report:

This feature consolidates information on how employees are utilizing various applications so that organizations can understand software usage patterns.

Shift Report:

The shift report provides a breakdown of productivity and application usage based on different shifts.

Group Owner Report:

The system compiles metrics on productivity and usage grouped by specific team or department owners, assisting in targeted management and improvement strategies.

Browser Usage Report:

The browser usage report details employees’ browser usage patterns, which allows managers and supervisors to understand online activities during work hours.