Forecasting Product Viability
Through Focused Product Analysis

Product Design and Analysis

Efficient product design and analysis is the key to successful product development, as it helps companies analyze market trends, identify deficiencies, and optimize products accordingly. Efficient product design and analysis can reduce the likelihood of product failure and assure compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

At Vee Technologies, we provide product design and analysis services that are meticulously planned and skillfully executed. Utilizing sketches, 3D rendering, and other appropriate techniques, we develop multiple designs based on your product requirements. We provide a variety of design ideations within a short timeframe, leaving you with a larger pool of ideas to select from. Whether conceptualizing, designing, 3D printing, or assisting with manufacturing, our clients have learned to expect the best.

Our Product Design and Analysis Solutions Include:

  • Mechanical Design/CAD services
  • New product development (NPD) support
  • Aftermarket engineering
  • Plastics design and analysis
  • Reverse engineering/competitive benchmarking
  • Value analysis and value engineering (VA/VE)
  • Design validation and optimization
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Our team accurately models every component of the design and executes the assembly of product parts after analyzing the draft, interface, and tolerance using virtual analytics tools. The analysis is an essential step in ensuring the design meets the desired specifications and performance requirements.

Draft analysis involves examining the angles and slopes of a part's surfaces to determine how it will be molded or manufactured. Interface analysis, on the other hand, focuses on the interactions between different components or subsystems within the product, evaluating their compatibility and functionality. Lastly, tolerance analysis aims to assess the allowable variations in dimensions and clearances to ensure proper fit and assembly of the product.

The designs are also evaluated on their structure in order to comply with critical safety parameters and to forecast the functionality, reliability, and longevity of the product. This assures design optimization and cost efficiency in manufacturing and assembly. We provide competitive product design and analysis services that meet the final product requirements to ensure the success of your product.

We have extensive experience in designing structural elements of fire trucks, yachts, lawnmowers, snow blowers, commercial vehicle trailers, mining equipment, armored vehicles, recreational vehicles, off-highway vehicles, heavy industry platforms, food processing machines, agricultural trailer attachments, special purpose machines, gaming consoles, and more. As part of our commitment to the environment, we have developed consumer products that are optimized for minimal impact on the planet and sustainable solutions for returnable packaging.

Fire Trucks, Commercial Vehicle Trailers, Mining Equipment, Recreational Vehicles, and Off-Highway Vehicles

Our team's expertise in designing fire truck vehicles such as pumpers, aerials, rescue, tankers, and trucks is unparalleled. By incorporating machining, weldment, and manufacturing approaches, we ensure that all regional automotive standards are met. Our team has in-depth knowledge of handling the design of specialty vehicles such as utility, off-highway, mining vehicles, and recreational vehicles. We are highly experienced in implementing sheet metal design and manufacturing processes according to the design intent of the vehicle time. We also have proven expertise in weldment and building fabrication structures such as bodies, cabinets, and ladders by utilizing structural profiles/sheet metal.

Armored Vehicles:

We have designed flawless, customized exteriors and interiors of armored vehicles using customers’ ballistic IP material from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like cars and trucks. We have designed different types of transit vehicles used in personal protection, cash transportation, and more that meet all relevant safety standards.


With experience in freight and passenger locomotives, Vee Technologies meets design requirements quickly and efficiently. Our experts execute projects designing locomotive cabins and track maintenance vehicles for a variety of clients with unique specifications.

Lawnmowers and Snowblowers:

The team has worked on multiple projects involving the creation of well-designed, compact, easy-to-use lawnmowers and snowblowers. We have designed and manufactured these devices and their parts with different sizes and capacity ranges. Our team has a strong background in designing bodies, arms, trimmer heads, blades, and more according to client requirements.

Gaming Consoles:

Vee Technologies has a proven track record in designing gaming consoles and incorporating mechanisms and features that ensure robustness and security. Our processes take advantage of the latest technology to select materials, build interfaces with games, and create designs with manufacturing in mind. Our procedures combine functionality with cost-effective manufacturing and robust design.

The team is well-versed in integrating mechanical, electrical, and electronic components.

Special Purpose Machines:

We have substantial expertise in creating special purpose machines that meet requirements and provide solutions to clients’ problems. Our engineers incorporate advanced manufacturing and material selection processes that improve outcomes and decrease costs without compromising form, fit, function, or quality.

Consumer Products:

A great strength of Vee Technologies is building innovative ideas from initial concepts and ideas, styling/hand sketches, and aesthetic requirements. Our clients have lauded our abilities in space utilization through electronic and mechanical mounting arrangements. Our client-centered approach ensures all requirements are met and all deliverables are on time.

Agricultural Machinery and Attachments:

Vee Technologies has vast experience in the manufacturing and design of equipment and tools used in farming. Our team has executed the creation of sorting machines, agricultural product storage units, customized trailers, and more to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Software Used:

  • SolidWorks
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • CREO
  • SolidEdge
  • Space Claim
  • NX
  • Ansys Workbench
  • Ansys CFX
  • Ansys FLUENT
  • StarCCM+
  • Fine Turbo
  • Hypermesh
  • Gridgen
  • IGG/Autogrid
  • Gambit
  • CAD Worx
  • Caeser II
  • Tekla Structure
  • StaadPro
  • SACs
  • CAEpipe
  • Siemens FlowEFD

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