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Growing system complexity and proliferation of products and services have led to an increase in the demand for technical content. Leveraging integrated solutions for information engineering using data analytics and artificial intelligence can help businesses gain innovative solutions for technical support automation. Technical publications ensure alignment of content with mainstream digital tools to manage complexity and transform end user documentation to support new formats, devices and channels. This facilitates real-time support that engages your end users with tailored information.

Technical Publication services at Vee Technologies span end-to-end technical document development for maintenance manuals, operation manuals, product handbooks, as well as interactive electronic technical publications. With our services you can expect significant improvement in productivity, achieve content consistency, and content effectiveness across different touchpoints that help you develop guided content.

Some of our technical publication solutions include:

  • Technical illustrations
  • Content digitization and migration
  • Illustrated Part Lists and Catalogs (IPL/IPC)
  • Content digitization and migration
  • Animations
  • Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM)
  • e-Learning
  • Knowledge management materials
  • Multilingual translation of technical manuals
  • Engine Maintenance Manuals (EMM)
  • Content localization and translation
  • e-Catalog creation

Our offerings comply with S1000D, ATA 100, ATA iSpec 2200 standards, as well as your custom style guides. We can help you upgrade your existing technical publications to S1000D or migrate it to new content management platforms. Supporting organizations across different countries, we provide translation of current and new publications. We also provide e-learning and animation services. The modules we develop can be used for training your customers or internal employees. Alternatively, it can be used for marketing collaterals, where it can be shipped with the products or can be posted on your company website.

We have developed technical publications for businesses across various industry sectors, which include defense, transportation, aerospace, consumer, as well as energy and heavy engineering.

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