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Driver Log Management

Driver Log Management

The term "log management" refers to a method for dealing with enormous amounts of computer-generated log messages.

In general, log management entails:

  • Collection of logs
  • Log aggregation on a centralized level
  • Log storage and retention for the long term
  • Rotation of logs
  • Analyze the logs
  • Searching and reporting on logs

The laws and regulations governing service hours can be intricate and time-consuming. They also pose a greater issue for carriers in terms of compliance. Vee Technologies provides driver log management services to ensure that all issues and logs are handled properly and by regulations.

Our team's objectives after obtaining driver logs from different sources such as e-mail, fax, FTP, or US mail are to::

  • Notify you of any potential problems that need to be addressed.
  • Reporting on a weekly/monthly basis is required.
  • Examine the logs for violations of crucial hours of service.
  • Maintain your driver logs by DOT guidelines.