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Vee Class

VeeClass is a comprehensive lecture capture system (LCS) built by Vee Technologies. Our software engineers designed the platform and accompanying mobile app to enhance the teaching and learning experience. With VeeClass, trainers, teachers, professors, and other educators can record their lectures for learners to access in real-time or later.

The easy-to-use LCS system offers a robust set of tools that allow educators and trainers to create, edit, manage, and deliver lessons efficiently. With a variety of features and tools, VeeClass is a versatile solution for educational and corporate training purposes.

Product Features:

Scheduling and Recording Lectures/Training Sessions:

VeeClass allows educators and trainers to schedule their lectures or training sessions in advance. The system records both audio and visual content.

Editing and Saving Recordings in a Library:

After recording a lesson, VeeClass offers editing capabilities that allow instructors to refine and enhance their content after recording a lesson. The edited recordings are then saved in a library for easy access to students.

Role-Based Access Control:

VeeClass is equipped with role-based access control, so different students, teachers, and administrators have different levels of access and permissions. This feature ensures that users are authorized to access the functionalities relevant to their roles, keeping training materials safe.

Live Streaming through the VeeClass App:

VeeClass supports live streaming, allowing real-time interaction between educators/trainers and students/employees. The live streaming feature is accessible through the VeeClass web and mobile app.

Marking Attendance and Seeing Viewer Information:

VeeClass includes functionality to mark attendance for participants in a session. Instructors can also view information about who has viewed lectures and training sessions, providing insights into participant engagement. The students or employees can also ask questions or respond to feedback in the application.