Effective and Reliable Animation Solutions

2D Animation

2D animation can be a great option to simulate movements and actions that provide the user with a realistic experience. Vee Technologies creates and develops impressive and persuasive 2D animations. Be it a product training module, product assembly module, or any other learning and development requirement, we can help you with everything. Our services are a combination of multimedia convergence and interactivity that helps you clearly display your viewpoint. Using 2D vector graphics and techniques like tweening, morphing, and interpolated rotoscoping, we create world-class 2D designs. We have a team of skilled and experienced animators and designers who provide 2D animation services for any of project.

Our 2D animators are not only highly experienced, but also have the extensive knowledge required to create appropriate solutions for even the most complex projects. Using complex techniques that address the detailed interpolated movements, we develop highly effective and reliable animation solutions. We provide 2D mechanical animation, 2D character animation, and background animation. Our team creates high-quality, compelling 2D animation videos that provide a better understanding of the product and its functionalities to your target audience and end users.

Tools we leverage:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Animate
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Based on the project, we analyze and review the collected resources to create 2D animations that precisely cater to the clients’ needs. Focusing on perfection and precision, we complete every 2D project with great attention to detail.