Innovative Machine Learning Techniques That Enhance Business Scalability

Machine Learning

Rapidly adapting to digital data and transformative computational machines, Vee Technologies is driving ‘Machine Learning as a Service’ powered business solutions with:

  • Automation of iterative business tasks
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Superior predictive capabilities

Recognizing the potential of machine learning (ML) as a pinnacle of new-age solutions, we have emerged as the technology leader for Machine Learning as a service. Tapping into massive amounts of unstructured data, our solutions are equipping organizations with the capability of making informed and accurate decisions.

Our Machine Learning Capabilities

As a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML is the art of making machines as smart as humans. With expertise in statistical analysis, we build algorithms that empower computers to perform a task without any human intervention.

With technical expertise in Python, R, C++ and JAVA, we tackled this unknown territory of machine learning and mastered AI framework using TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, Torch and more. We have since expanded our service lines to the fields of:

Image Analysis with ML:

Rendering computers with a vision, our developers are capable of building ML algorithms that can extract data out of images such as weather charts, medical diagnostic films, facial recognition and more. This process of image analysis saves both time and effort when compared to traditional methods.

Text Analysis with ML:

Our chatbots are capable of analyzing text and understanding the intent of the buyer to enhance marketing strategies, information extraction, filtering of spam comments, and identifying the right content in search engines. 

Data Analysis with ML:

We develop complex algorithms to analyze massive amounts of data over a secure solution. Smart algorithms are trained to offer better predictions of all possible scenarios. Our machine learning services and solutions also help businesses control the risk with fraud detection systems as they identify the patterns of malware attacks.

Data Visualization with ML:

Our data visualization experts can integrate "Machine learning as a Service" to meet all of your requirements. ML algorithms built by Vee Technologies are capable of structuring data and deriving meaningful information out of it. We enhance the predictive analysis of sales data for better forecasting and to increase marketing strategy.

If you want to build a ML solution for your business, our consultants can help you with customized solutions that are focused on increasing sales and revenue. We craft competitive and highly technical solutions driven by Machine Learning as a Service for our clients. Our team of data scientists ensures that the algorithms both supervised and unsupervised are trained to perfection for accurate results.

Having successfully delivered projects across multiple domains and industries, we are ready to build customized solutions for your lines of business. We invite you to contact our experts to discuss your product needs in detail and develop a precise and cost-effective strategy.