Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence has proclaimed 2018 is going to be the year of machine learning. Its use cases are everywhere our home, our mobile phones, the websites we access, social media platforms and what not. That is why enterprises are also edging towards using machine learning solutions to expedite their growth.

From a developer’s perspective, Vee technologies have an expert team of Machine Learning India. Our programming language skills like Python, R, C, C++, Java, Scala, and Julia. Capable of developing high-end solutions that easily integrate with the existing infrastructure of the enterprise, our solution experts have extensive exposure to the AI frameworks that can lead to optimized use case based machine learning solution development.

Why Vee Technologies for your Machine Learning solutions

Vee Technologies has become the top machine learning companies India that has taken a lion’s share of current ML projects in the market. Our technical and innovative expertise promises enterprises a robust solution driven by Artificial Intelligence.

1) Simplistic code development

Vee Technologies experts develop a simple and math like syntax for coding making it easy for our ML programmers to code and debug complex requirements. Its object-oriented designs make it quick and easy to work with. This expedites our development cycle and ensures the ML algorithm can be easily upgraded for future requirements.

2) High-performance Solutions

Our vast experienced with using the rich library support of Python and R makes it easy for us to develop complex and high-performance solutions within short timelines. The scalable ML algorithms are developed swiftly.

3) Array Framework Expertise

Complex machine-learning algorithms are developed with extensive knowledge of the array frameworks. Our capabilities vary from being able to develop N-dimensional arrays.

How we develop world-class machine learning algorithms?

The world has witnessed that machine-learning programmers with a quick computational mind are capable of delivering robust solutions. We have a team of trained and expert developers capable of developing complex algorithms in a flawless manner. Our niche expertise across multiple business verticals ensure we are capable of handling every type of machine-learning solution development.

The comprehensive and robust solutions that cater the need of real-world machine-learning tools that are based on neural networks, supervised and unsupervised algorithm, deep learning and more are developed by experts at Vee Technologies. A stronghold on the multiple aspects of machine learning, we have a strong grip on the ecosystem to develop customized solutions that are usable and futuristic.

Our expertise varies from

  • Python, R, Scala, C++ and more
  • Machine-learning basics
  • Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib basics
  • Exposure to the use of TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano and more AI frameworks.

Our teams are expert in high computational skills like linear algebra, decision trees, support vector machines and more. With a very methodical approach towards each product, we are capable of delivering all the promised solutions within timelines.