Standardizing Processes
To Minimize Processing Time

Freight & Cargo Bill of Lading Processing

The key stakeholders in the bill of lading cycle include the consignee (customer), the shipper and the carrier. For the sake of scheduling the shipment, a shipper alters the lading bill in some form. This is done to customize the consignee and carrier.

Vee Technologies offers its considerable expertise and experience by standardizing the bill of lading process according to our client's specific guidelines. We then optimize the accuracy of the bill while cutting down on processing time. 

We manage the end-to-end freight & cargo bill of lading processes including receipt of bills and bill verification, where we then compare it to the purchase authorizations.

Vee Technologies assures that your freight & cargo bill of lading processing, ocean bill of lading processing and Airway bill processing is done correctly and on time.