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Freight & Cargo Bill of Lading Processing

The Bill of Lading (BoL) is an important document in moving a freight and cargo shipment by sea, air, or road. The Bill of Lading is similar to receipt of freight services. It acts as a contract between a freight carrier and shipper and a document of title.

A Bill of Lading is a document issued by a carrier, one who delivers and transports goods, to a shipper, one who owns the good and supplies mostly. This is to legally assure the goods received were in admissible condition and is ready to be transported. Those goods are shipped to a consignee, who bought the goods now. The key stakeholders in the bill of lading (BoL) cycle include the consignee (customer), the shipper, and the carrier. For the sake of scheduling the shipment, the lading bill is altered in some form by the shipper. This is done to customize the consignee and carrier.

Bill of Lading is used to ensure the following:

  • It represents a receipt of goods. BoL is essential for goods to travel from carrier to consignee.
  • Once arrived at destination acts as a title to goods. It acts as an evidence of confirmation of delivery of goods.
  • Ensures the shipper has paid the bill.

Taking Bill of Lading processing service from an experienced and trusted service provider is crucial for the companies. Mistakes and carelessness can make irreparable consequences to the business. One of the examples from 2017 is a freight forwarder was summoned by the court to pay over $800,000 for damages for 'misleading and deceptive conduct and breach of warranty of authority'. It is accounted for issuing bill of lading masqueraded as ocean carrier bills.

Vee Technologies offers its considerable expertise and experience by standardizing the bill of lading process according to our client's specific guidelines. After that we cut down on processing time and optimize the accuracy of the bill. We manage the end-to-end freight and cargo bill of lading processes including receipt of bills and bill verification, which we then compare to the purchase authorizations.

Vee Technologies make sure your freight and cargo bill of lading processing, ocean bill of lading processing, and Airway bill processing are done correctly and on time.

Vee Technologies freight & cargo bill of Lading processing improves the efficiency of your business by creating bill of lading automatically during the quoting and booking process. With our efficient team we ensure the goods have accurate rate, bills are signed and dated correctly, served with better turnaround time, and provide competitive cost. We have industry expertise and is best known for customer satisfaction.

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