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Solution to Large Volume of Accounts Payable Bills

Big Air carriers received large amount of non-passenger Accounts Payable Invoices. It was a challenge for them to integrate these invoices into their SAP ERP system. The volume was huge and timely entry of invoices into the system was creating issues.

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Combining Processing and Domain Knowledge to Create a Win-Win Situation

About the Client: The client is a leading logistics management solution provider. The client has alliances with several carriers, maintaining contracts with over 110 clients in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution space across the globe, with a focus on the North American market.

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Combining Domain Expertise and Process Knowledge

The client predominantly uses the services of the travel services company, which was the primary booking agent, to book hotel accommodations, air travel, rail travel, car hire, and event Management services as per the current internal travel policy.

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Freight Bills Verification

Background: The client was incurring unnecessary expenses due to wrong and over charging patterns.

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Ocean Freight Audit

Background: Due to the repute we have in delivering perfect logistics processing solutions and support, we got an Ocean Freight audit request from a Larger Importer and Chain Store Company who wanted us to handle 3 customers of theirs.

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Ocean Freight Contract Audit

Background: The client came to us with a request for freight bill audit. We received the complete data in the form of PDF files on multiple CDs. The assignment was huge and our well-synchronized team work helped us complete the tasks efficiently in time.

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