Intuitive Surveys To Elicit Specific Information

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A survey is a set of questions designed to elicit specific information from a group of individuals. Surveys can be performed via the phone, by mail, or on the internet. Our specialized teams are well versed in the planning, design, implementation, and analysis of the survey process and can deliver actionable results.

A well-executed survey will deliver impactful responses that enables educated decisions. Planning, defining the main objectives of implementation, setting the framework of the survey population, design, data collection and results analysis are the most important aspects of the survey process.

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The Ministry of Agriculture's Marine Fishers Identity (MFID) card, which was designed to empower Indian fishermen, is riddled with errors. MFID is a biometric identification card that contains information on fishers such as a photograph, date of birth, and fingerprint biometrics.

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The NPR is a detailed identity database that is managed by the Ministry of Home Affairs' Registrar General and Census Commissioner India.

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