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IT Services Case Studies

Case Studies - Mobility Solutions

Background: We created a mobile app for one of the leading Third Party Administrators in the US to supplement their existing website. For consistency, it is important that any functionality available within the mobile app also be available on the website.

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Artificial Intelligence - Gamification

Background: The App helps improve the communication skills of children. It includes listening, questioning, understanding, and responding through poetry, prose, gamification, and IBM Watson.

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VEE Auto Indexing Tool

Background: Healthcare charts run into to several hundred pages; healthcare coders scrutinize them manually for critical information such as patient name, date of service, provider name, etc. In order to reduce turnaround time and bring down costs, the client wanted critical information to be pre-processed before the charts are handed over to the coder.

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HireMee Mobile App

Background: HireMee is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of a reputed group of companies. It is offered totally free of charge to students, colleges, and companies. Students and colleges are connected to companies and recruiters across India through a website and mobile app, helping to make recruitment easier and faster for all.

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Artificial Intelligence - Machine Vision

Background: Grain and pulse distribution relies on manual grading of shipments. The grading process is time consuming and it must be performed by a grading expert.

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Vee Visitor Log

Background: Vee Visitor log is a visitor tracking system for companies to track and monitor who enters the building. It provides an online tracking and reporting system. This system provides complete information on who visited the organization as well as reports that are accessible from anywhere and at any time.

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