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Mechanical Testing & Prototyping

Effective mechanical testing and prototyping is an important process of the product development lifecycle, as it helps companies thoroughly evaluate a product design and analyze its performance. Testing and evaluation of the prototypes help you assess product viability, check whether it meets the market standards, and identify areas for improvements. Vee Technologies’ testing and prototyping services help you assess concept viability, develop prototypes and finally test them. We offer a wide array of rapid prototyping services that address the unique needs of our clients. Furthermore, once the reverse engineering is complete, we can assist you with material analysis, create accurate drawings and reengineer parts.

With a creative, experienced, and multi-disciplinary team of engineers who use advanced design tools, Vee Technologies helps businesses successfully transform their ideas into engineered concepts. We prototype the developed design and test it in the relevant environment to check the performance.

Following are some of the major mechanical testing and prototyping services that we do:

  • Process development and validation
  • Material testing and prototyping
  • Set up demonstration by combining mechatronic and mechanical skills
  • Prototype production
  • Design of Experiment (DoE) for optimizing test campaigns
  • Assembly tooling and fixtures
  • Assembly process documentation
  • Final quality inspection
  • Mechanical and electrical testing
  • Durability, vibration and fatigue testing
  • Prototype creation and assembly

We can cater to all of your mechanical testing and prototyping requirements, including single component concepts and full-vehicle integration build. Our engineers have the capabilities to prototype and find the solutions for the challenges associated with mechanical issues and electrical routing systems. We will closely work with you to produce prototype drawings, engineer product prototypes, and deliver prototype hardware. With exhaustive experience in mechanics and manufacturing aspects of product design, we help you reduce time-to-market and develop high end products that are highly reliable.

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