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Nano Coatings

For years, manufacturers and professionals have been looking for a long-lasting coating solution that is quick and easy to use and is also resistant to pressure, heat and various other factors. Nano coatings are profoundly transforming the manufacturing processes by addressing these challenges. At Vee Technologies, we provide cutting-edge innovative Nano-technology based solutions that boost the development of your projects. Built on our team of skilled engineers and accomplished scientists, we provide Nano-technology based solutions for the manufacturing of engineered coatings as well as new materials. Providing a clear, colorless protection that is virtually invisible, our Nano coatings are built to resist abrasions, increase surface hardness, reduce friction coefficient and create a chemically inert surface.

Some of the different types of Nano coatings that we offer:

  • Low-friction coating
  • Resistance coating
  • Surface heater coating
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Auto coating
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Utility designs – chillers, cooling towers, brine plants
  • Converting conceptual sketches
  • Assembly designs
  • Rapid prototyping

Backed by our own technical education institutions enhanced with fully equipped laboratories, we design and implement the most suitable Nano coating solutions that enable businesses to deliver robust and eye-catching products. Our experts apply coatings that improve the part functionality and characteristics. If you are unsure which kind of Nano coating you require, our specialists will carefully choose the product that optimally adheres to your substrate. With Vee Technologies, we will deliver the best Nano coating solutions that precisely cater to your individual needs.

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