Media Analysis/Analytics

Vee Track provides professional qualitative analysis of media content. We help you make sense of the media sources that you would be bombarded with on a daily basis. Whether it is print media, electronic media, or online channels, our qualitative analysis experts interpret the tremendous amount of data that is available and condense it in a way that provides actionable insights for business strategy. We scour, analyze, and interpret data from numerous sources so that you only need to spend time reading the most essential news that is relevant to your business. We analyze the quality of the media generated regarding your business.

Vee Track's quantitative analysis provides you the raw data and numbers that you need to understand the share of media attention for the total coverage of a specific product. We also provide insightful data related to specific markets, products, competition, etc. We select the sources that are most important and give you the number of times a particular keyword, phrase, names, or even just the word connected with your organization, market, product, or competition was mentioned. We analyze the quantity of the media generated regarding your business.

We provide share of voice measurements and analysis on a regular basis that show you exactly where you stand in the business world. We also provide analysis of the following:

  • Media type: newspapers, business magazines, blogs, television channels, etc.
  • Scope: the media reach for the particular type, based on regional, national, or international scope
  • The size or length of the story: the space (in print and digital media) and time (in broadcast and new media) that it occupied
  • Placement: In print, the page or section in which the news appeared; in new media, the number of tweets, posts, etc.; in electronic media, the position where the story was aired.
  • Media circulation: The total number of copies of a particular publication or the reach of a particular television channel, blog, Twitter handles, etc.
  • Audience share: This includes audience share in print and broadcast media which shows how many people saw/read the specific news

The combination of all our services in quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, share of voice, PR analysis, etc., results in more effective media intelligence that can be used to track marketing and publicity campaigns, monitor and track social trends, and understand the opinion of both the public and key influencers.


Embrace Social Media Monitoring for Better Law & Enforcement

To head off unruly crowd sentiment over social media and to detect advance possible mass gatherings before it descends on the city soil, Mumbai Police have set up a social media monitoring facility [Indian Express report here]. First of its kind in India from a law enforcement unit, The Social Media Lab will monitor Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other prominent social media platforms to measure changes in mass moods and track matters concerning public law and order.
Case Studies
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Client: A major automobile firm involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.
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Client: A Major Insurance Firm. A company that provides and sells insurance.