Facilitating Sustainable Growth
Through Impeccable Business Acumen

Leadership Team

C-Valliappa-Chairman Vee Technologies

C. Valliappa


Mr. Valliappa is the founder of the Sona Valliappa Group (an extension of Sona Group). As a well-known industrialist in South India, his interests range from textiles to the construction industry and all the way to information technology.

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Chocko Valliappa-CEO

Chocko Valliappa

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Chocko Valliappa is the inspirational force behind Vee Technologies. Thanks to a wide range of exposure to new technology and software throughout the years, Chocko has accumulated vast experience in developing and exploring technologies.

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Muralidhar.P - Chief Operating Officer(COO)


Chief Operating Officer(COO)

Muralidhar P. is accountable for the Operations and Service delivery at Salem, Bangalore, and Chennai for multiple verticals such as healthcare (that covers both the payer and provider segments), logistics, media tracking & monitoring (including social media analysis), and IT & Infrastructure services.

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Patrick O Malley - President

Patrick O'Malley


Patrick has held a wide range of senior executive leadership positions in large companies in the global services industry. His BPO experience includes senior-level positions in marketing, sales, and business development with companies such as Sprint, AT&T, and IBM.

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Carl Marullo - Vice President Business Operations

Carl Marullo

Vice President Business Operations

Carl joined Vee Technologies on September 1, 2010. He is responsible for the pursuit and closure of strategic BPO deals which will contribute directly and significantly to the success of Vee Technologies.

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Sue Smith - Vice President Finance and Administration

Sue Smith

Vice President Finance and Administration

Sue brings a broad spectrum of business expertise and specialized knowledge to Vee Technologies. Her twelve years as a Quality Assurance Engineer and Operations Specialist included the oversight of both industrial and aerospace and defense electronics manufacturing operations.

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Joseph O'Boyle - Vice President Operations and Sales Support

Joseph O'Boyle

Vice President Operations and Sales Support

Joe has over 20 years' experience working in the BPO environment. He is responsible for providing operational leadership and direction to the organization. Prior to joining Vee Technologies, Joe was CIO and Executive Vice President for Diversified Information Technologies.

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Jeff Shelmire, Vice President Client Services

Jeff Shelmire

Vice President Client Services

Jeff is the head of sales and leads the Client Services team at Vee Technologies. His expertise and ability to expand Vee Technologies’ client base into long-lasting relationships brings Vee Technologies ahead of the curve.

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