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Chocko Valliappa

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Chocko Valliappa-CEO

Chocko Valliappa is the inspirational force behind Vee Technologies. Thanks to a wide range of exposure to new technology and software throughout the years, Chocko has accumulated vast experience in developing and exploring technologies. As an integral part of the Sona Valliappa Group, Chocko has played a pivotal role in the group's progress and success throughout the years.

He has held key positions in administration, international business and operations, corporate affairs, strategic planning and marketing, and planning of corporate policies. Chocko possesses an in-depth knowledge of European, Asian, & Pan American markets and a comprehensive expertise in forging alliances and joint ventures of strategic importance. Chocko is one of the founding members of the YEO Bangalore chapter.

Chocko is a dynamic leader with great business acumen. Chocko founded Vee Technologies in 2000. He has led Vee Technologies to grow in strength to emerge as one of India's largest companies in the strategic services business. His innovative approach has positioned the organization as a fast growing one with value addition for the clients. Chocko also has a great passion for empowering the community. With this aim in mind, he established Sona Yukti Pvt. Ltd., which provides skill-based training with a strong industry focus. He is also the Vice Chairman of Sona College. With his varied experience in education, industry-focused skill development, technology, and a traditional industry background, he is guiding Vee Technologies to reach the heights of success on a global scale.

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