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Bill of Lading Drafting

The Bill of Lading (B/L) is the most important document in international trade. This negotiable instrument is a receipt for the goods shipped, provides the contract of carriage, and serves as a document of title. In order to make sure that proper communication is established and that all items are accounted for during the shipping process, Vee Technologies offers detailed Bill of Lading drafting services designed to streamline this process. Encompassing all shipping and receiving information, these details can be recorded in the carrier’s portal for quick access.

During shipping, if the forwarder’s application is used to create the bill of lading, then on completion of entry, the bill of lading will be generated and sent to the carrier. If created in a digital format, then the bill of lading will be converted and sent to the client as pdf/tif file. Lastly, if the instructions are submitted in carriers’ portal, then the acknowledgment/reference/booking number will be sent to the freight forwarder.

Utilizing our detailed methods, we ensure that all documentation is collected, verified, and sent to the appropriate parties quickly and efficiently.