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Why Insights Matter: Unlocking Your Potential

Measuring the success of products and services and predicting where needs will arise separate the best organizations from the rest of the pack. Today’s most successful organizations recognize the importance of data in providing meaningful context for deeper understanding about how they operate, who they partner with, and discovering where opportunities exist. Read more

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Advancements in Project Management - Plan, Execute, Test, Iterate, Succeed!

Breaking the Software Development Tradition: Traditionally, software development has used a “waterfall” method which follows a rigid process working through required steps. These include gathering, design, implementation, verification, and finally a long-lived maintenance phase. Read more

Category: IT Services

An "Automated Response" to the Great Resignation

Over the last two years, remote and flexible work arrangements have led to more job opportunity than ever before in the workforce. The resulting churn in the job market as employees evaluate their careers and pursue new opportunities has been commonly referred to as "The Great Resignation." Read more

Category: IT Services

Power Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) discussions are rampant in board rooms, executive meetings, and at the water cooler. The thirst for data, analysis and business information is at unprecedented heights. Read more

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How to test Artificial Intelligence Markup Language Applications (AIML)

In the age of AIML, most companies’ websites and applications have a chatbot channel of their own. They’re relied upon to further the reach of businesses and help interact with their leads, customers and clients quickly and in a more conversational way Read more

Category: IT Services

Robotic Process Automation - Pros and Cons from an Implementation Point of View

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) aims to automate business processes that are often repeated multiple times within daily tasks. With an abundance of use cases in well-known applications for industries Read more

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