Streamlining Air Waybill Processing Through Customized Processes

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Air WayBill Processing

An Air WayBill (AWB) is a contract between the shipper and airline, stating terms and conditions of transportation. There are two types of air waybills used for the international transportation of air cargo:

  • An Airline Air WayBill has preprinted issuing carrier identification
  • A Neutral Air WayBill does not have preprinted identification of the issuing carrier and is usable by parties other than air carriers

Vee Technologies offers customizable expertise in AWB processing. We capture:

  • AWB numbers
  • Sender information
  • Recipient information
  • Shipment information
  • Services
  • Packaging
  • Special handling
  • Payments
  • Internal billing information

We execute AWB processing by:

  • Scanning and saving AWBs on your server, utilizing your software
  • Accessing images to capture data and execute data entry processes
  • Entering required fields from the AWBs into an electronic format
  • Validating data and submitting in developed results reports