Leveraging Information and Technology
As a Bridge Between People and Government


E-governance or electronic governance relates to the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within all governmental processes. The main purpose of e-Governance is to enhance the government’s ability to address the needs of its people in a convenient, efficient, and transparent manner.

Vee Technologies offers e-Governance services that simplify processes for governments, their citizens and various business/interest groups by implementing IT solutions that bring about simple, transparent, moral and accountable governance. We deliver services that offer easy access and provide the quick and efficient communication of necessary information.

Our e-Governance solutions are essential to:

  • Reduce corruption
  • Provide transparency
  • Enhance convenience
  • Increase GDP
  • Reduce expenditures
  • Expand the reach of government

E-governance services provided by Vee Technologies:

  • Aadhaar enrolment
  • Scanning and digitization
  • Document management systems
  • Financial inclusion
  • System integration
  • Online and offline examinations
  • Manpower service provider
  • Digital India platform
  • Android-based mobile applications
  • Survey implementation
  • Smart card implementation
  • National Public Registration (NPR) – UPPCL & MPPKVVCL
  • Electric meter reading, bill generation and serving through SBM/mobile apps

In these unprecedented times, Vee Technologies is committed to doing our part to help those in need. With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the incredible speed at which things are changing around us, organizations are continually adapting their operations and business structure. Vee Technologies has the experience and capability to help your organization through this difficult time. We've expanded our continuity plan and infrastructure to accommodate the current business needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us when your need arises, our implementation team can have you up and running quickly and efficiently.