Media transcription and tagging

When it comes to tracking media, you would be missing out on a lot if you only focused on media in the English language. With so many language both nationally and internationally, you would only get a comprehensive picture of your organization, the competition, as well as your specific industry if you included regional news as well, whether it was from print, electronic, or digital media.

This is where Vee Track's translation services come into the picture. Our translation experts translate audio and video files from all the major news sources in the country and internationally. Our media transcription services tag audio and video files so you receive all the relevant news not just translated, but transcribed and tagged as well. Our transcription and tagging services includes conversations, interviews, seminars, meetings, lectures, TV talk shows, etc.

Our translation experts read all the major newspapers and magazines, identity the articles that are most relevant to your business/organization, capture and scan the information, translate the article, and summarize it so that you get a comprehensive and in-depth view without having to spend too much time on it either. All of these reports will be made available at your desk, through email, by 10 a. m. IST on a daily basis. So you never have to miss out on the news that matters just because it is in another language!


Embrace Social Media Monitoring for Better Law & Enforcement

To head off unruly crowd sentiment over social media and to detect advance possible mass gatherings before it descends on the city soil, Mumbai Police have set up a social media monitoring facility [Indian Express report here]. First of its kind in India from a law enforcement unit, The Social Media Lab will monitor Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other prominent social media platforms to measure changes in mass moods and track matters concerning public law and order.
Case Studies
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Client: A major automobile firm involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.
How to Navigate the Product Crisis Storm with Social Media Monitoring
Client: A Major Insurance Firm. A company that provides and sells insurance.