Monitoring and Measuring the ROI
For a Major Automobile Firm

Monitoring and Measuring the ROI & Team's Effectiveness by Using Actionable Insights


A major automobile firm involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.


A leading automobile brand, offering luxury and sports sedans, wanted to monitor and measure the effectiveness of its media campaigns and obtain insights on improving the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. It was strategically difficult for the automobile brand to monitor & measure the effectiveness and ROI of their domestic media campaigns


Vee Choose the most important metrics for the brand. Our platform gives the ability to identify the journalists who are talking about the brand, the media where the brand features most prominently, and our proprietary metrics measure reach and frequency to gauge the impact of the automobile brand's coverage.

We customize our analysis tools to align with business objectives and so we can segment coverage around key reputational themes and track the ROI of the automobile communications programme. The automobile brand is also able to understand how the brand or message is perceived in the marketplace with our accurate sentiment scoring. It's our job to make the auto industry's job easier. Combining the latest technology with human analysis, we deliver accurate data to power communication programmes that work effectively.


The automobile brand was able to gain an understanding of the perception of the customers on its brands and re-align its marketing strategies to achieve better brand reputation for its brands. Our solution also provided a clear vision helping the brand focus better for better placement in the industry.

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