Monitoring and Measuring the ROI
For a Major Automobile Firm

Monitoring and Measuring ROI and Team's Effectiveness with Actionable Insights

The Client:

The client is a major automobile company involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles. The client operates out of Europe but has offices around the world. It is known for its leading luxury and sports vehicles. 

The Challenge:

The client wanted to monitor and measure the effectiveness of its media campaigns and obtain insights on improving the effectiveness of its marketing efforts. Although it had tried to monitor the ROI of its media campaigns itself, the client did not have the expertise or tools to do so effectively. 

The Solution:

The client reached out to Vee Technologies for help in evaluating and keeping track of its media campaigns in the United States. Our groundbreaking media monitoring solution provided the company with daily reports on its media initiatives across the United States. These reports, delivered directly to the client’s inbox, included crucial metrics for its brand. These metrics included demographical and geographical information on the people interacting with the company. Our platform also gave the company the ability to identify the journalists who are talking about the brand, the media that features the brand most prominently, and the influencers posting about its automobiles. 

The Results:

Combining the latest technology with human analysis, Vee Technology delivered accurate data and analysis that allowed it to communicate with the public more effectively. With our media monitoring solution, the client received daily reports with important data that enabled it to see the results of its marketing campaigns in real-time. Now, the automobile company gained a better understanding of its public perception and could better realign its marketing strategies to achieve increased brand awareness. 

Most importantly, the client worked with us to create a detailed response plan in case any negative communications were to arise in the future. The company credited us for its increased control over its reputation, which, in turn, led to improved brand perception. 

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