Digitization Services to Manage Data and Documents

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Digitization Services

Organizations must meet strict standards when managing official records, and through time, paper and hard copies have become difficult to manage and retrieve. Vee Technologies has the organizational capabilities to help capture, store, organize, and retrieve these records by digitizing the data and documents, while merging them with other digital documents to create a digital library that can be quickly referenced.

Our digitization services include:

  • Document management services
  • Scanning and digitization of records
  • Staffing services
  • Citizen services
  • Public distribution services

The Digital India Platform (DIP) is a Government of India initiative to provide digitization services for any organization.

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Document management services help provide a safe, secure, and organized environment for data and records.

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As technology has advanced to new heights, access to storage has become increasingly more available. The new age of media has digitalized data for easy storage and access, forcing organizations to digitize physical documents of any kind.

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The Smart Card is a pocket-sized card with embedded circuits that can process information. Smart cards are an alternative to lengthy paper documents and can be used for identification when using certain services.

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