Scanning and Digitization Services for Optimal Storage and Access

Scanning and Digitization

New advancements in technology have drastically reduced the physical space required for information and data storage. In a time when everything is on-demand, the ability to access large sums of information to quickly find a specific data set is paramount. For this process to work efficiently, all information must be digitized and sorted for easy access. This not only reduces paper usage but helps when accessing information from an abundance of database archives. Sifting through large sums of paper documents is a time consuming and daunting task that is not scalable, transferring paper documentation to a digital file solves these issues and provides instant impact for those organizations still using a paper system.

Vee Technologies' scanning and digitization services include:

  • Land records
  • Government files
  • Courts orders and documents

We assist government and government-associated organizations with the move towards Digital India, creating a more efficient workspace.

Benefits of Our Scanning and Digitization Services:

  1. Preservation of the document. It is more convenient to create duplicate copies from the electronic or digital version of any document, while also preserving the original quality of that document.

  2. Easy to share to remote places or from one office to the other, unlike the printed version of the document.

  3. Saves time when searching for the document. The software can recognize the text within the document when doing a search to help find the exact content that is being searching for, or other similar content that may be needed.

  4. The document is produced in various formats as required.

  5. Digital character recognition (OCR and ICR) is used for fast processing of the document.