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Social Media Monitoring

In today's age of digital consumerism, social media monitoring has become an extremely important tool that manages a brand's online reputation while also tracking trends and conducting market research. Social media monitoring helps to enhance any marketing campaign, product launch, or public relations event. Most of all, social media monitoring enables a faster response to customer reviews, better brand management, and improved promotion of new products. During a crisis situation, damage control can be done in real time, which helps minimize the impact of any social media crisis.

For social media monitoring to be successful and useful, it has to be highly targeted to a specific segment. With Vee Technologies, your organization receives game-changing social media monitoring services that utilize state-of-the-art tools and technology to track and analyze different demographics across social media platforms. We deliver comprehensive and easy-to-understand social media monitoring reports to your inbox daily that enable faster responses and allow you to adjust more effectively to real-time scenarios.

Our social media monitoring services include:

  • Detailed analysis of customer behavior and engagement
  • Extraction of sentiment and takeaway analysis from a wide range of social networking profiles across countries
  • Analysis of demographic profiles
  • Monitoring of social media campaign results
  • Monitoring and management of social profiles