Increase Revenue, Productivity, & Time
Through Meticulous Tracking & Tracing

Tracking and Tracing Status Updates

Vee Technologies offers effective tracking and tracing services for cargo utilizing GPS and high-tech tracking software to optimize resources and reduce down time. Offering real-time tracking, our cargo tracking solutions reduce the idle time between shipments which reduces costs and maximize revenue.

Our tracking services collect necessary information such as location, expected delivery time, date of arrival and help monitor scheduling changes. When issues arise, we are able to quickly and efficiently locate free trucks to allocate resources. The information is then available real-time on the client's website providing easy access to the information without the need to spend time and resources tracking it themselves.

Vee Technologies' tracking and tracing expertise helps to reduce manual checks, reduce logistic expenses and increase revenue while providing your clients with the information necessary to know where their shipments are at all times.