Minimizing Default Risk
While Maximizing Recovery and Retention

Accounts Receivables Services

An efficient cash flow process is the backbone of every business. Optimizing the accounts receivables process not only ensures profitability but also saves on valuable time which can be allocated to pursuing core business activities that lead to higher profits. Vee Technologies provides accounts receivables services by experienced staff using state-of-the-art financial services software, ensuring that your accounts receivables are always in order, always accurate, and always on time.

By entrusting Vee Technologies with your accounts receivables services, your business enjoys the following benefits:

    • Increase in recoveries
    • Increase in cash flow
    • Decrease in bad debt write-offs and A/R adjustments
    • Decrease in shortfalls of cash collections
    • Tighter credit control
    • Overheads and operational costs are reduced or under control
    • Access to the financial data 24x7
    • Consolidation of all documentation related to accounts receivables
    • Improved efficiency and productivity
    • Financial data is secure and protected

With your accounts receivables in the hands of Vee Technologies, financial operations are no longer a cause for worry. Your business is assured of having sufficient liquidity to meet expenses. Our team of professionals is experienced in the application of the latest in financial software and also in integrating major financial systems. We make the intensive and challenging daily task of managing accounts receivables seem effortless. We also implement Line of Business (LOB) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to manage data, which makes our services even more cost effective for you as these are high-investment cost applications. Our flexible and highly scalable accounts receivables services are focused on quality 24x7 which translates to greater profits for your business.