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Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing engineering practices are constantly evolving, which makes improving workspace logistics, operator safety, and processes difficult. At Vee Technologies, we provide manufacturing engineering services that align with industry trends to address your company’s requirements. Our solutions and services for plant engineering, product development, sustenance processes, asset management, and product enhancement help clients successfully tackle current industry challenges, such as disruptive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), margin pressures, and volatile markets. We support manufacturers through the product lifecycle phases, especially in the production and industrialization of different parts and equipment. We do so by providing project management support and technical assistance.

Vee Technologies’ manufacturing engineering services are powered by extensive industry experience and a team of highly skilled engineers. We improve manufacturing processes with our pragmatic approach and hands-on technical support. Our in-house technicians and professionals leverage decades of experience in the manufacturing field, allowing you to mobilize the resources you need to work on your assembly or production line.

Vee Technologies’ Manufacturing Engineering Expertise Includes:

  • 2D and 3D plant drawings for preliminary design specifications
  • Automation, modernization, and reconstruction of equipment
  • Design work coordination
  • Preparation of plans, drafts, and specifications
  • Assembly line productivity improvement
  • Instrumentation schematics
  • 3D scanning for plant layouts

We also support the designing and manufacturing of jigs for various components that enhance operational efficiency. By streamlining assembly process plans and fixing assembly issues, we help manufacturers complete their projects on time and within budget. By providing comprehensive assistance with sourcing, major system integration processes, and vendor management, we help our clients develop products efficiently and on time.

Our Engineering and Manufacturing Capabilities:

Precision Machining:

Whether you need 3-, 4-, or 5-axis machining, turn-mill processes, or traditional turning, Vee Technologies leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver intricate components with unmatched accuracy.

Engineering Excellence:

Our engineering team is at the forefront of design and reengineering. From conceptualization to realization, we bring ideas to life and support the needs of existing products.

Complex Assembly and Validation:

Assembling intricate components is an art, and we excel at it. Our expertise extends to complex assembly, while our validation processes verify that the final product exceeds expectations.

Complex Assembly and Validation:

  • Machining: With 192 hours per month dedicated to machining, we optimize our time to deliver precision without compromise.
  • Assembly: Our assembly department operates with a capacity of 384 hours per month, ensuring timely and efficient assembly of your products.


Optimizing existing resources and building capabilities have been the main areas of focus for companies in the manufacturing industry sector. This demand for increased efficiency and performance has led to the need for improved or revamped machinery.

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The manufacturing industry is continuously transforming by leveraging the latest tools and technologies to increase productivity and optimize operations. Vee Technologies is a specialist in tool design, offering error-free tool drafting services.

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Automation and technological advancements have drastically changed the manufacturing industry. One such aspect is Special Purpose Machine (SPM) design. As SPM is not created on standard manufacturing programs, immaculate design is crucial to ensure product performance and safety.

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Plant layouts and as-built drawings show exactly how the final construction was executed and demonstrates the existing conditions, contrary to the proposed conditions or designs.

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Today’s buyer-driven market compels suppliers to reduce product costs to maintain their competitiveness. Due to this, most companies face significant challenges in pricing their products, without compromising on their internal profitability targets.

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