Detailed Design Documentation And Accurate Representations

Plant Layout / As-Built Drawings

Plant layouts and as-built drawings show exactly how the final construction was executed and demonstrates the existing conditions, contrary to the proposed conditions or designs. As-built drawings are important for businesses that use finished products, as it provides a legacy of what was actually built. Moreover, it facilitates knowledge transfer of all the important aspects related to the plant. Vee Technologies provides discipline-specific plant layout and as-built drawings by accurately plotting all the locations and dimensions. Our drawing and documentation markups, updated 3D models, as well as drawings and documentations present you with engineering drawings and drafts that are completely in sync with the actual structures and assembly. With extensive industry experience, we have catered to businesses across numerous sectors, including mechanical, electrical, fire and security, hydraulic, civil, architectural, mining and machinery.

Types of plant design and as-built drawings we offer include:

  • Plan drawings
  • Section drawings
  • Exterior drawings
  • Fully surfaced CAD models
  • Line schematics
  • Block plans
  • Penetration layouts
  • Security layouts
  • Shop drawings
  • Power and lighting layouts
  • Electrical schematics
  • Zoning layouts
  • Schematic drawings
  • Line markups

We have a team of highly experienced engineers with a unique set of blended skill sets, including both traditional techniques and adept knowledge in the latest technology. Being a leading plant design and as-built drawings provider, we assist plant owners, equipment suppliers, consulting firms, as well as Engineering, Procurement, and Constriction (EPC) contractors to minimize design risks, improve collaboration, and accelerate project delivery.