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Vfx & Compositing

Standing at the forefront of this dynamic and visually compelling arena, Visual Effects (VFX) has become more important than ever before. VFX and compositing have helped businesses successfully entice, engage, and reach their target audience in ways never before imagined. At Vee Technologies, we offer professional VFX and compositing services built to suite our global clients. We are experienced in dealing with large resolution plates and can cater to any type of project. Our VFX services include particle effects, compositing, color corrections, matte cutting, concept designs, 3D dynamics and effects, rotoscopy, logos, and titles, as well as spectroscopic feature films. We are equipped to deliver spectacular sequences across the entire spectrum of effects. With a team of highly skilled professionals leveraging high-end tools and advanced technologies, we provide best-in-class service.

Our professional VFX services include the following:

  • Special effects for live-action scenarios
  • Digital effects to create realistic environments
  • Matte paintings which serve as the background for digital sets
  • Creation of 3D models of props
  • Animation to assign movement for objects and characters
  • Compositing by combining different visual effects to form a single scene

We help you develop stunning and compelling VFXs that instantly captivate your target audience. Our services are suited to meet your requirements, on time and within budget.