Utilizing Cross-Disciplinary Approaches To Create Immaculate Electrical Designs

Electrical Engineering & Embedded Systems

Technological transformations in the industry have resulted in the evolution of electrical engineering, making the electrical circuitry in equipment increasingly complex. Whether you are planning to develop or optimize electronic equipment, design new electrical systems, automate industrial processes, or meet project management goals, Vee Technologies can help you achieve your goals. We provide end-to-end solutions across multiple industries including heavy engineering, aerospace, utilities, transportation, energy and resources. Our engineers possess deep experience in electrical engineering and efficiently support the development of systems, which are compatible with low, medium, as well as high voltage applications.

Offering versatile services for electrical engineering and embedded systems, we provide the following services:

  • Electrical design services to increase design productivity
  • Electrical instrumentation services to increase asset performance, integrity and meet maintenance objectives
  • Electrical schematic drawings
  • Panel layout drawings
  • Electrical 2D drafting
  • Electronic circuit design
  • Control system architecture
  • Filed instrument location

Our designers and engineers have the expertise to design intuitive and robust solutions to tackle any kind of electrical challenge. We also provide assistance with Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layouts, where our engineers will help with schematic capture, PCB layouts, PCB designs, etc. From electrical gear updates to complete electrical plant control systems, we have the required knowledge base, skill sets, and the experience to fulfill your small and large electrical engineering needs.


Vee Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of printed circuit board design services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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Today, interconnecting wiring designs and electronic integration are growing in complexity. As the industry is seeing technological transformation, the process of research and analysis to complete electric system design requires a commitment of time and valuable resources.

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Embedded software design is one of the crucial parts of embedded systems development. Poorly designed software will increase the application’s vulnerability to failure. Quality design and stringent testing result in embedded software platforms aid in business growth and profitability.

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Increased processing power, higher levels of integration and shrinking components have all contributed to the rapid evolution of modern-day electronic device designs.

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Today’s competitive market requires a deep understanding of the target audience, necessary attention to what might have been overlooked, and the ability for a business to create a new market for their offerings.

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