System Modification For the Toughest Design Requirements

Electrical Schematics & Wire Harness / Routing Design

Today, interconnecting wiring designs and electronic integration are growing in complexity. As the industry is seeing technological transformation, the process of research and analysis to complete electric system design requires a commitment of time and valuable resources. At the same time, electrical circuitry is also getting more complex with stringent packaging constraints that often create a challenging landscape. Even a minor lapse in understanding and implementation will result in vulnerability and failure. Vee Technologies’ electrical schematics and wire harness/routing design services help to design and modify systems that are compatible with different voltage applications. From control panel design to industrial automation, our experts assist you with all of your routing design requirements.

Some of the major electrical schematics and wire harness design services that we offer:

  • Electrical layout drawings
  • Detailed single line diagrams
  • Breaker, switching arrangements, isolator, earthing switches and disconnector
  • Sizing calculations, specifications
  • PLCC system design and implementation
  • Substation automation design
  • Series reactor, shunt reactor, or shunt capacitor requirements based on power transmission requirements, reactive power control and short circuit current limitation requirements
  • Instrument transformers
  • Lightning (surge) arrester specifications
  • Neutral grounding resistors calculations and specifications
  • PLC system engineering
  • Control panel
  • System programming and configuration
  • History database and management formation reports
  • Defining procurement and engineering specifications
  • Logic development
  • Configuration of displays

We explore emerging digital ideas and research the latest technological advancements to help our clients modify their routing designs and suggest upgraded strategies that serve even the most complex purposes.