Embedded Control Systems For Multiple Industrial Solutions

Embedded Hardware Design

Increased processing power, higher levels of integration and shrinking components have all contributed to the rapid evolution of modern-day electronic device designs. Planning the hardware configuration, capturing schematics, as well as identifying and assembling all of the right components are essential to develop functional devices. Vee Technologies has a well-equipped, multi-disciplinary team that designs consumer-grade and mission-critical embedded hardware designs. We help design products that are compact, quick, efficient, reliable, economical and intelligent. Our team of experts develop complex embedded control systems for use with multiple industrial solutions. We also develop power efficient and portable systems for home automation, medical devices, surveillance solutions and wearables.

Our embedded hardware design services include:

  • Architecture and design
  • GPU, FPGA, multiprocessor, and multicore based designs
  • Consulting and design review
  • Development and testing of the hardware prototype
  • BoM optimization/Value engineering
  • Electronic design automation
  • Component benchmarking and selection
  • Multilayer PCB designs
  • Functional test, stress test and EDVT
  • Product compliance and certification
  • Component obsolescence management
  • Low-volume manufacturing

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and embedded hardware design best practices, we cater to even the most complex project requirements. With our team of skilled and experienced hardware engineers, we help make your design concept a reality.