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Embedded Software Design

Embedded software design is one of the crucial parts of embedded systems development. Poorly designed software will increase the application’s vulnerability to failure. Quality design and stringent testing result in embedded software platforms aid in business growth and profitability. At Vee Technologies, we offer next generation embedded software design services that handle all aspects of your design project requirements. We understand that design decisions in the initial stage will have lingering effects on the success rate of your software development, as such, we employ design engineers that have the required expertise, experience and ability to adapt to new technological advancements and trends that occur in embedded software architecture. We work with clients across multiple domains including industrial, multimedia, automotive, electronics and defense to deliver unmatched quality with an attention to detail.

Some of the embedded software design services that we offer:

  • Embedded applications
  • Media framework customization
  • Test framework customization
  • UI applications
  • Database and web-services
  • 3rd party software integration services
  • Performance optimization services
  • Mobile & computer application development
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) design
  • Embedded systems integration
  • Low-latency designs for quick-response applications

Our team of embedded systems software engineers have collective experience in working with a variety of platforms including 8-bit micro-controllers and 64-bit single or multi-core microprocessor variants. With in-depth knowledge and exclusive industry experience, we can develop custom embedded software designs that meet your specific needs.

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