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Improved Machinery

Jigs & Fixture Design

Optimizing existing resources and building capabilities have been the main areas of focus for companies in the manufacturing industry sector. This demand for increased efficiency and performance has led to the need for improved or revamped machinery. At Vee Technologies, we support our clients as a strategic partner and strong associate with our reliable jigs and fixture design services. We can assist you with simple and complex jigs and fixture designs that assure quality, attention to detail, enhanced production speed, machine error eradication and cost savings.

Our jigs and fixture design services include:

  • 2D/3D visualization of mechanical parts
  • Welding and machining fixtures
  • Billing of materials and estimating costs
  • Assembly fixtures
  • Boring Jig, Drilling Jig
  • Verification of data sheet specifications
  • Compliance with industry/company specific standards
  • Checking fixtures and check gauges
  • Creation of 2D drawings
  • Woodworking jigs and framing jigs
  • Open or closed jig
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic fixtures
  • Process sheet preparation
  • Testing fixtures
  • Quality check

Leveraging our expertise, we provide unwavering support from conceptualization to design. Our experts help to systematize and validate your tool and fixture designs, then quickly authenticate the designs. With simulated prototyping, we ensure a superior design process.

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