Competitive Product Pricing Solutions

Should Costing

Today’s buyer-driven market compels suppliers to reduce product costs to maintain their competitiveness. Due to this, most companies face significant challenges in pricing their products, without compromising on their internal profitability targets. At Vee Technologies, we have fully mature should costing practices, with thorough knowledge of the cost drivers associated with manufacturing. Our should costing services have helped our clients determine component or product price based on the cost of the raw materials, type of make, and various other overhead expenses. We provide you with should cost models that evaluate cost-to-function and cost-to-feature of any given component or product. Using a unique blend of conventional techniques and scientific methods to perform should-cost analysis, our services encompass should costing across the product life cycle, from design to supply chain. Our conventional techniques include activity-based costing, material study, and more, while our scientific methods include the usage of tools such as DFMA.

We provide should-cost analysis across several areas, including:

  • Cost optimization based on the should-cost models
  • Detailed analysis with the reports for benchmarking
  • Surveying alternate methods of manufacturing using should-cost data
  • Fact-based negotiation support
  • Should-cost analysis for design iterations

Our professionals have deep knowledge of costing structures and manufacturing processes across various platforms. This helps us develop highly accurate and reliable should-cost models. With a team of engineers carrying extensive domain expertise in manufacturing cost engineering, we can provide you with accurate should cost models and estimations that help you procure the best materials at highly competitive rates.