Pocket-Sized Card with Embedded Circuits to Process Information

Smart Card Implementation

The Smart Card is a pocket-sized card with embedded circuits that can process information quickly and efficiently. Smart cards are an alternative to lengthy paper documents and may also be used for identification when using certain services. It helps process business transactions in a more flexible, secure, and standard way.

The microprocessor embedded in the cards offers security by talking with the host computer, at which point the card reader shares the requested and required information.

Benefits of Our Smart Cards services:

  • Avoid queues when checking the identity of the cardholder. The smart cards create a seamless user experience, whether buying tickets or processing monetary transactions
  • Easy and paperless processes
  • Convenient and transportable
  • Processor chips can store up to 250kb of data and can lock the card when the PIN is entered incorrectly, preventing fraud

Our Smart Card services:

  • Smart driving licenses
  • Credit/ debit cards
  • E-Passports
  • Health cards
  • Smart cards
  • Library management system