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Patrick O'Malley


Patrick O Malley - President

Patrick has held a wide range of senior executive leadership positions in large companies in the global services industry. His experience includes senior-level positions in marketing, sales, and business development with companies such as Sprint, AT&T, and IBM.

As the President of Sprint Business, he was responsible for running a business of 12,000 employees with an $8 billion P&L, as he directed all wired networking business activities. He re-engineered nuances of the entire product line, established a customer-focused selling environment, and directed lifecycle management of customers, with loyalty-based marketing strategies. Before that, Patrick was Senior Managing Partner at AT&T, where he was responsible for all AT&T sales, marketing, and services support west of the Mississippi. With AT&T, Patrick was a co-founder of AT&T Solutions; and was responsible for generating over $4 billion in new services revenue. Before AT&T, Patrick worked for IBM for twenty years in various sales, marketing, and systems positions.

Patrick was a co-founding member of ISSC (IBM Integrated Systems Solutions Corporation) which, over time, evolved into IBM Global Services, a multi-billion-dollar business today. Patrick was instrumental in securing and managing the new clients that formed the base of the new services arm of IBM.

In his last position, as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for IBM Canada, he was responsible for the management of IBM sales/ services teams across the ten provinces, the generation of many new logos, as well as establishing the infrastructure to support new clients of IBM services. Patrick joined as President of Vee Technologies in 2010. He holds an MBA from the University of Kansas and a BA in English (minor in General Science) from St. Louis University.

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