A Smarter Approach To Manage MFID

Marine Fishers Identity Card (MFID)

The Ministry of Agriculture's Marine Fishers Identity (MFID) card, which was designed to empower Indian fishermen, is riddled with errors. MFID is a biometric identification card that contains information on fishers such as a photograph, date of birth, and fingerprint biometrics. Fishermen in nine coastal states and four union territories will receive these cards.

The primary goals of the MFID program are to create a National Marine Fisheries Database (NMFD) and pay subsidies to a fisherman. This database can be accessed by all authorized agencies to improve coastal security and reduce the threat of issues within sea routes. The program will also eliminate the duplication of cards that are issued to fishermen by multiple agencies and states.

Vee Technologies has the process capabilities and resources to assist with MFID deployment and management. In 2016, we deployed a MFID project on short notice that stationed roughly 200 biometric collection camps across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Puducherry's coastal areas.

Building on that success, we started Child Enrollment as an agency under the Bank of India (BOI) Registrar in mid-2016. This project launched in Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and West Bengal, resulting in the generation of 5,00,000 Aadhaar cards.