Accurate Engineering To Develop Appropriate Business Strategies

Reverse Engineering / Competitive Benchmarking

Generating new product and design ideas is crucial to survival in this competitive market. This requires businesses to understand the physical parts of the products and equipment as well as evaluate their own business strategies. While reverse engineering provides you with a comprehensive insight into the product, competitive benchmarking helps to analyze your competitors using a specific set of metrics. At Vee Technologies, we offer accurate reverse engineering and efficient competitive benchmarking services that help to develop appropriate business strategies.

Our reverse engineering services include:

  • Providing CAD data that specifies the original design intent of an object
  • Detailed geometric/dimensional analysis
  • Designing new parts to interface with legacy parts
  • Precisely model performance surfaces
  • Update CAD models of tooling to match the shop-floor changes
  • Redesigning parts without manufacturing defects
  • Modernizing the manufacturing process

The CAD models we generate from our reverse engineering services can be saved as rich media assets, published on a website for customers’ use, can be used for quick prototyping, and serve as time and resource savers.

Competitive benchmarking services we offer include:

  • Data Reports – includes benchmarking data stream quality and internet connection speed
  • Voice Reports – contain network information including call statistics, converge and receiver power
  • Scanner Reports – contain network strength measurements such as signal-to-voice-ration and signal strength

We compare companies and capture all of the necessary information using market research, process analysis and website analysis. This helps to create benchmark metrics that helps take your business to the next level. Our services help you understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, identify the resulting strategic opportunities, and use them to enhance your market position.