Embracing Innovation To Streamline Design

Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VA / VE)

The automotive world demands businesses to focus on improvements in product functionality and cost reduction to cut through the competition. Manufacturing companies embrace continuous innovation to shrink product life cycles and increase cost efficiencies. Vee Technologies’ Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) services identify areas of high costs and highlight unwanted product features. Our VAVE framework helps to analyze probable issues and tackle it at the initial phase. We have a team of experienced engineers who follow a classical VAVE approach, which includes functional analysis, cost analysis, idea generation, and identification of functions for cost reduction. Our VAVE reports are supported by benchmark data, validation and initial design using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques.

We support the product requirements of our customers utilizing the following VAVE capabilities:

  • Component engineering
  • Cross vendor bill of material analysis
  • Approved vendor list (AVL) expansion
  • Spend leverage analysis
  • Analysis of waste electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS/WEEE)
  • Restriction of hazardous materials
  • Obsolescence resolution
  • Service life and product longevity analysis
  • Life cycle and risk analysis
  • Cost reduction analysis
  • Electrical analysis
  • Bill of material analysis
  • Electrical analysis
  • Fabrication and assembly analysis
  • Manufacturing assembly analysis
  • Product teardown
  • Competitive comparisons
  • Reverse engineering

We help to seamlessly balance the design functionalities, features and the associated cost. Our VAVE services are geared to provide you profitability and efficiency by helping you to reduce weight and eliminate unwanted features.