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Litigation Support

The ever-increasing complexity of technology necessitates that your company has a team of professionals with specialized legal and technological skills. Vee Technologies is a pioneer in litigation support services to large and midsized law firms and in-house legal departments. Our litigation support services combine high-quality output coupled with fast turnaround times to simplify the litigation process. Vee Technologies has expert attorneys and lawyers with extensive experience in handling complicated legal issues and are trained across all disciplines of the law. These experts provide invaluable support to attorneys by providing comprehensive litigation support throughout the course of a case.

We will work with your law firm or in-house legal department to devise a suite of litigation support services that are simple and designed to meet your specific needs. We provide support by combining two or more of the following services:

  • E-Discovery/document review
  • Deposition summary
  • Legal research and drafting

Vee Technologies consists of experienced and qualified transcribers who offer accurate, quality document review and e-discovery services with meticulous attention to detail.

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Deposition summary services are an unavoidable area for litigation attorneys. It requires a strong understanding of the legal subject matter and evidentiary values thereto.

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Legal research & drafting is imperative for any law firm or organization, although it is time-consuming, burdensome, and expensive. Even a small negligence on analysis can cause major damage to the firm and its clients.

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